Seneca Bridge was established 5 years ago, along with 4,529 other
recruitment businesses also registered in 2016.
So what makes us different from the norm?

Simply put there are 2 considerations.

Our promise
Is a unique business model born out of both, the conflicts of interest and the lack of accountability that traditional agencies create. it is also a commitment to provide a service and as a consequence results that go above and beyond traditional agency supply. Results that are tangible, built around client-led SLA’s determined by you at the outset.

Proven operational and commercial efficiency
Thanks to our unique, dedicated model our team successfully fill 86% of all roles that we we work on. This is over twice as high as the industry average, this increased productivity allows us to reduce margins whilst retaining profit. Passing this on to our customers drives cost savings of between 25 and 40% on average.

Our Promise

The provision of dedicated recruiters that will solely deliver your project

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies where consultant time is split between business development and recruitment delivery, our Resource Partners and Resourcers have a sole focus on client delivery.

Proprietary candidate ownership 

When you engage with a Recruitment Agency the first port of call for candidates is their existing database. If that doesn’t turn up a unicorn then the agency will place adverts across the relevant channels.

Real-Time access to award winning technology

We have embedded a best in class stack of recruitment technology, all of which are award winning and we have been widely involved in beta testing partnerships allowing us to model systems around our clients exacting requirements.

Onsite and office Account Management & Delivery

Seneca Bridge prides itself on being a genuine extension of your team. We embed detailed implementation schedules and project plans to help us understand your business.

Provision of detailed day by day implementation and project delivery plans

Every client is different and every vacancy requires different tactics to deliver successfully.

Bespoke attraction, engagement and selection strategies

Every project we work on includes personally developed attraction and engagement strategies for our clients. What will attract the highest volume of best talent and how do we position our client as the candidates employer of choice.

Real time recruitment cycle analytics and full weekly provision of M.I. reporting packs

Accountability is super important to us. We are proud to recruit for our clients and helping to position them as employer of choice within their market.

Award winning video interview platform 

Seneca Bridge has partnered with Hinterview, an award winning recruitment technology company for over 3 years. Where some offer video interviewing as a premium service we provide as standard.

Full range of white-label solutions 

Sponsored client branded recruitment adverts can increase application response by 200% in comparison to standard, recruitment branded advertising. Thus drive a higher level of talent to your business.

Strategy Health Check

Seneca Bridge Resource Partners strategy health check analyses and measures your existing recruitment strategy to provide actionable insight on how to attain optimum recruitment. Deliver the best possible talent to your business in the fastest and most cost efficient way today.