IPOL IPOL is a dedicated and client branded online recruitment platform that provides a fast, efficient means of short-listing first round candidates via remote 3D avatar-led interviewing. Future-proof and improve your recruitment process and traditional methods of sifting and selection. IPOL  offers businesses of all sizes and from all industry sectors the opportunity to interview candidates without hiring managers being present and to review recorded video answers at their convenience. IPOL has a unique USP in the use of 3D avatars to represent hiring managers in asking questions, and in doing so improve the candidates experience of the recruitment process. Avatars will do so in a consistent and unbiased fashion, thereby being fair to all candidates and providing IPOL clients with a superior and rapid means of selecting the final few for face-to-face interviews. The Benefits As a business you will benefit from:

    • Cost per hire reductions of up to 75%
    • Identify the best candidate profiles
    • Optimise time spent on pre-screening
    • Time to hire reductions of up to 45 days
    • On average, 10 man-hour savings per vacancy when compared to first round traditional interviewing methods thereby creating considerable operational efficiencies
    • Faster and improved shortlisting leading to considerable improvements in interview to hire ratios
    • Fast, seamless candidate experience

The Features Full client branded portal including up to 3 x corporate and candidate engagement videos

  • Role and campaign M.I. dashboard
  • Avatar led interviewing
  • Full review and shortlisting tools
  • Full managed and self-managed platform options
  • Video sharing features
  • Select your own questions or chose from our 2000 question library

Enquire now: hello@senecabridge.co.uk