Why candidates become employees and choose to stay.

The Employer Value Proposition.

An Employee Value Proposition, or EVP, is the reason why people choose to work (and stay) at your business over another. It’s a unique mix of offerings, values and culture that drives the promise of what it’s like to work in a business and aligns it with the reality of being there.

At Frankl by Seneca Bridge, we’ve developed an employer brand framework called AESOP spanning the candidate to employee lifecycle. This is where we’ve identified the employer brand needs to be at its most visible and potent. We decided on the acronym AESOP as it stands for Attraction, Engagement, Selection, Onboarding and Progress and because it helps tells a great story.

Disconnected EVP

A disconnected EVP is when a business places and demonstrates little value on its people and the things they believe to be important. Confused purpose, poor communication, and a lack of being valued can lead to reputational issues, recruitment problems, unmotivated staff, high attrition rates, increased costs and lost opportunities.

Connected EVP 

Awell defined and communicated EVP is entirely connected. It pulls together the stuff important to employees by communicating purpose clearly across the business, and offers a balance of pay, benefits, development, environment and culture to create an attractive, engaging package that gives employees something more than work itself to believe in.

If you’re finding hiring and holding on to the right people a challenge,
or your best talent seems to leave and you don’t know why, get in touch
and we’ll help you clearly define, develop and communicate
your employer value proposition.

Strategy Health Check

Seneca Bridge Resource Partners strategy health check analyses and measures your existing recruitment strategy to provide actionable insight on how to attain optimum recruitment. Deliver the best possible talent to your business in the fastest and most cost efficient way today.