About us

Bespoke Recruitment Solutions

Seneca Bridge Resource Partners are a specialist provider of recruitment solutions tailored specifically for each individual client’s business. Implementing a unique partnership model, Seneca Bridge are able to ensure we minimise cost, maximise return on investment and provide tangible long term benefit.


We never assume we know if our clients require traditional contingency, retained search or more formal RPO, MSP and vendor neutral arrangements. Instead Seneca Bridge works strategically and individually with every client. Following detailed due diligence and analysis of your business, we work with you to build and implement a unique partnership model.


The performance of our dedicated recruiters is underpinned by client led KPI’s and SLA’s rather than monthly financial targets. This is paramount to our ethos of being wholly accountable and guaranteeing successful delivery.


Our range of recruitment solutions are designed to ensure your recruitment process is more efficient. We actively work to deliver long term benefit by reducing elements such as interview:hire, time:hire and attrition, whilst maximising employee engagement and workforce quality.


By determining the most effective proposition for you at the outset, we are able to maximise our productivity and reduce your recruitment spend by as much as 50%.


Contact us today to arrange a free recruitment strategy health check. We will create an  analysis of your existing recruitment strategy and understand your requirements and challenges. Your report will detail the optimum recruitment solutions to deliver the best possible talent to your business in the fastest and most cost efficient manner.