The AESOP methodology

Seneca Bridge create end-to-end, cohesive talent acquisition strategies, aligned with your organisation to underpin the key values of leadership, talent, collaboration and productivity. We implement partnerships that centralise and develop your Employee Value Proposition and internal mobility to define consistent selection values, providing long lasting benefit.

We remove the lack of accountability and conflicts of interest delivered by agencies through providing our own bespoke RPO style services partnership, in which we offer dedicated account teams (on or offsite), technology, and 2nd and 3rd tier supply chain management to give you far greater flexibility and a unique tap on, tap off approach to your recruitment needs.



A tap on, tap off, dedicated recruitment function underpinned by award winning technology and the best people ensures you are positioned as the employer of choice within your market.


We focus on providing high growth SME’s and startups with dedicated RPO level recruitment solutions designed to attract, engage and retain the very best talent.


Rather than work to targets and KPIs designed to ensure profitability for their company, the performance of our dedicated recruiters is underpinned by client led KPI’s and SLA’s rather than monthly financial targets.


Our proposition guarantees an average cost per hire reduction of 33% and time to hire reduction of 17 days compared to traditional agency recruitment agencies.

Transform the quality of your workforce.
Attract, select, engage and retain the best talent now and in the future with RPO for SME.